Friday, August 08, 2003

House prices keep climbing

Hmm, I seem to be quite into the idea of "inter-relations" today, i.e. the linking of one effect with another, or other causes.

I figure house prices rising in Sussex comes about from:
- convergence of interests towards large cities, i.e. large cities get larger, wield a greater sphere of influence, to the detriment of smaller towns
- the fact that people don't actually want to live in large towns, but they feel that have no other choice
- therefore south-of-London is good place to be, i.e. Sussex

The first of those comes about from our tendency towards capitalism too, with a combination on our relatively-small size and density as a nation. London (and other large cities) gain momentum as a centre of income/capitalism, and people aren't far enough away to establish separate spheres for their own needs, thus they get "sucked into" London's influence.

This is partly why communities are suffering (as interest of work differs from interest of location), which can be linked into why delinquency levels are on the rise, IMHO.

What can be done? Up til now I've been thinking of the problems mostly in terms of governmental influence. However, I think now that this needs to be considered in terms of both policy and business/industry. It's not enough to simply provide community through approproate technology - the technology needs to be part of the jigsaw of adapting business and government/council (and media et al) towards a decentralisation.

It is important to consider this as a whole, that has a number of mingled constituent parts (as outlined above) - what are the fundamentals that technology provides? What are the linking factors that need to be considered, i.e. the relations between the business (trade of resources), government (policy decisions and implementation) and media (information and distribution thereof).

I feel a PhD coming on...

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