Tuesday, August 26, 2003

>> indie brighton

OK, I'm still naive then ;) Or maybe just polite - I either believed, or feigned surprise when told by the Spanish guy in the Pasty Shop up the road that he was working most of the (bank holiday) weekend, as were all the other employees in that road. Got to feel sorry for him - he's been working in there since January, with the same 4 CDs playing over and over again. And he has to wear those plastic gloves. And it's not cold in there. And they have fake wooden beams.

WHAT'S WITH PLASTIC GLOVES? Are companies afraid of hiring lepers? One day I'm going to force someone to USE THEIR HANDS. I think I actually prefer the idea of some rnadom person putting their fingers on my food than having it smeared with hygienic plastic bags.

Anyway, found out today that he's actually going back off to Spain next month. It's one of those weird paradoxes - it's a West Country Cornish Pasty Shop, but just about all the people in there are from abroad, working while they're learning English in Brighton. Oh, and it's run from London, I think.

Hmm, more an observation on general business, than independent Brighton. Ah well.

Best place for coffee is still the Cafe Mobile up outside the station in the morning - go and chat to Diane if you see her. And buy coffee too.

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