Friday, September 26, 2003

As more people get their limbs torn off and disturbing dents made in their flesh by large amounts of force in a relatively small area, there seems to be an inexcusable lack of any klind of thought or discussion as to who, why, what is going on out there.

In fact, the whole thing still smacks of arrogance rather than "peace-keeping". The rest of the world seems intent on forcing a change overnight, from tyranny to freedom-sponging capitalism, damn the past, screw the reality. Apparently Western culture works anywhere, at any time, and nothing will stop it.

While I agree that a "West-imposed lifestyle" may bring about less direct tyranny on a population, I have grave, grave concerns over the lack of attention to the clash between cultures. Part of the transition is surely to address the old regime, and blend it with a new way of life. Not just to flout it as patent ridiculousness and then just install an ideology evolved over time, in a continent and culture far away. At least the West has a present born of some kind of history. Iraq can look forward to looking back and thinking "now we are them."

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