Thursday, September 25, 2003

>> Chuckle

Going through the Google Zeitgeist again, I was kind of amused by the notion of "diversity" for some reason. While it's true that the internet gives us access to a much wider range of material, I guess the fact of the matter is that people really don't look for it at all, and are much more likely to just transfer their day-to-day interests into netspace.

What made me chuckle was the various ideas of "diversity" and "patriotism" that get thrown around, especially in the UK. Thinking back to a recent Radio 4 "your views" round-up on Britain and the Euro, it seems that a lot of people don't want to switch to a united currency because pounds and pence is inherently 'British'. What is 'British', though? I can think of no popular culture within this place that can be proclaimed as 'home-grown', leading edge, or 'ours'. Our culture is now inherited mostly from the States - perhaps we should be using US Dollars instead? Perhaps 'Eastenders' counts as some kind of 'great' British institution, but I don't see the rest of the world falling over their feet to watch it.

Perhaps the net allows the world to roll into one, and for the idea of 'culture' to be applied on a global scale, rather than bounded by borders. Perhaps this is more of a threat to 'diversity' than globalisation, which people seem to get extremely worked up about. Or maybe it's just a different form of diversity.

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