Wednesday, September 17, 2003

A cross-reference to Phil's latest blog entry, more as a comment than a post, as Blogger doesn't allow for comments (only xss ;). He sayeth:

" Hmm GrahamLally's De-Scribed is probably very interesting. But can't be read on the version of IE5 I'm using. Looks like there's a use of CSS to do tricks that basically break on some versions of IE (looked ok on Mozilla yesterday)

Bad trend. People are getting sloppy about browser compatability.

Actually, yes, c'est tres sloppy indeed, and I will be switching it back asap. In my defence, it was actually half intended to break Internet Explorer, namely the latest version, as a demonstration of the browser's failings - not because it doesn't yet support PNG alpha transparency without a DirectX plug-in thing (plenty in Google on that), but because it looks likely that no better solution will be released before the next major version, which will most likely be heavily integrated with Windows (as announced by Microsoft recently). The same applies to their glaring CSS bugs, which they seem extremely reluctant to fix.

Anyway, I have some time to put together a decent, non-poncy template over the next few days. Maybe. If anyone understands the importance of making information available to all and sundry, it's Phil. And then me. So I shall see what my fevered mark-up fingers can knock together as some kind of repentance. I always did prefer the black-and-white approach, anyway...

Firebird is out these days, which seems to do a sterling job of most things I throw at it, and that's without any of the groovy extensions. IE is so cliché these days, darrrrling...

This also trespasses upon my current thinking on progress vs accessibility, but I'm too drunk to formulate them coherently.

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