Tuesday, September 23, 2003

>> Governance vs Counsel

More progress on the Uk's number-plate recognition scheme, and the more I read about stuff like this (and I've read a fair amount over the last few years), the more I have to wonder about the government's approach to "trust" (as highlighted by ol' Davey Blunkett, below). This ties in with cost versus benefits, role of government, "feature-creep" et al.

I guess the essential question is...

Do the government act in our interests, or against them?

Where "our" is that of society as a whole (*shudder* - such broad generalisation...).

And, specific to this case, we have...

- Is there a better way to stop criminals that are using the road?
- Do the new technologies infringe upon the "trust" between "us" and the government?

I'm not going to even try and answer this now. But I think it's important to approach this from an exceedingly unbiased view. i.e. not from the anarchic, grass-roots style that instantly dispatches governemnt policy, nor from the optimistic, spin-led, uninformed public point of view. Quite how to achieve this is a different matter, and generally with these things, history is the best teacher. I may write to my MP out of curiosity as well. A "trusted" system needs to be transparent, so it will good to find out just how transparent and accountable it is, through the routes I have available.

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