Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Oh, day of irritation and foresightedlessness.

The Register informs us that all children are to get Unique IDs, and in conjunction with the tale that the chairman of the Police Superintendent's Association wants DNA from everybody, it's really not hard to see this all coming into force, especially if that Blunkett guy has anything to do with it. I'm glad that we have reached a peak, at which we believe that the answer to our own problems lies in monitoring, tracking and observation. Ooh, that's so advanced, so cultured and civilised. Yes, it's all happy and fuzzy under our new world. Well FUCK YOU. FUCK YOUR SHORTSIGHTED "INSIGHTFULNESS" AND YOUR WOOING AND COOING OVER THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY. FUCK YOUR ATTEMPT TO MAINTAIN CONTROL THROUGH UNNACCOUNTABLE PANOPTICISM. FUCK YOUR DISRESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL AND YOUR OWN SELFISH, PATRONISING IVORY TOWER POINT OF VIEW.

Uh, ahem, I mean.. this is bad news.

Also bad news is that Adrian Lamo, nomad hacker of much morals, is set to give himself up to the Feds, after being "wanted" by the NY Times for "investigating" their network, and then reporting it to them. That's where curiosity and altruism get you. Yeah, nice. Freedom campaign at www.freelamo.com. Actually, he should have handed himself in almost an hour ago, so I'll keep an eye on the tech news...

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