Monday, September 15, 2003

>> Indie Brighton

The pavement on North Street, besides the crossing by HSBC, displayed a fresh graffiti stencil today - I'm used to seeing strange little sayings, or pictures of Dogs/Britney, sprayed in white under my feet by some intoxicated pixie - but this one read:

"VOTE TODAY. Brighton's Best Butt, Levi Store, Churchill Sq"

So the large corproates are in on the small spraying now, eh? I've also noticed plenty of "11-8x-xx" (no free advertising here ;) posters plastered willy-nilly on various surfaces that have mainly been the domain of club night promo posters up til now. I wonder if this is going to get bigger, in terms of corporate advertising. THe masses have broken the rules of promotion in order to get their message through the hordes of billboards, and in the process opened up the gates for all the franchises and the chains and the profitable outlets.

I think we'll see more adverts everywhere, as a result, which is kind of depressing. I'll soon be blotting out everything past my own feet.

>> Technology & Evolution

Been looking into IP briefly, after this Slashdot article, and all looks very exciting. Some points I note...

Who would I call? :) I never really use the landline at the moment, and most of my comms is done with e-mail (for lengthy stuff with no real response time), IM/texting (for more "informal" comms, but with a response time that I can put on hold) or mobile phone (only for short bursts of info, really, at a specific moment). All these have a "purpose of communication," and maybe I need to work out where Real time telephony fits in there.

The traditional telephone suffers from invasiveness - you are expected to answer the phone when it rings, and it's just so demanding, with its ever-functioning and omnipresent lurking. WHat I currently like about the idea of VOIP on PCs is that you would have to arrange a time, probably via SMS or something, that you knew the other person would respond at, as they need their machine on.

I'm drawn to this idea of "arrangement telephony," and getting some kind of control back over our lives.

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