Wednesday, November 26, 2003

CAUCE on the new US Federal Spam Bill - wheeee. Wow, this sounds pretty screwed from all sides - "This bill does not stop a single spam from being sent. It only makes that spam slightly more truthful. It also gives a federal stamp of approval for every legitimate marketer in the U.S. to start using unsolicited e-mail as a marketing tool."

On the other hand, we could well be seeing the evolution of capitalism, the pinnacle of sales techniques. Spam works extremely well, from the point of view touted by the "American Dream" - it's a low cost, high return method to generate private income - all the makings of an efficient capital earner, if you ask me. So if you want to sell a free market as true freedom (which, let's face it, is the real ideological battle going on round the world right now. None of this democracy piss.) then you need to accept that schemes such as spam are the natural tendency you should be aspiring to.

Of course, from the other point of view, spam's the epitome of the capitalist ideal of "me first, fuck you". Kind of funny and ironic that the powers that be, held in place by the big fat cats, are now struggling to control the tiny fish that seem to have discovered how to do things better than they ever dreamed of.

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