Monday, November 10, 2003

The Guardian points out how stupidly people spend their cash.

Hmm, why do people flock to the big cities now? Is it a job thing? A culture thing? A sheeple effect? It's almost paradoxical; the need for real participation in areas other than big cities is growing, and the potential for jobs, I think, is increasing. Not in a large company, large employment kind of way, but more in a localised, communital (I made that word up) fashion. Questions...

1. Can products produced locally, on a small scale, match those produced on a larger scale? For this, you will need to take into account at least the cost to the buyer, scalability costs, distribution costs, attraction to the buyer, and the available resources of the buyer. If an area is "poorer", then there is less demand for higher-range goods, and more chance of a local fledgeling company with low development costs surviving. Or is there?

2. How can one influence a change in attitudes towards life, rather than simply trying to get people to think about their career? i.e. How they live, rather than just what they do. Is it more important to get a big house in a big place that you'll hate?

3. Are we seeing a cultural void outside of large cities? Certainly, the atmosphere in many towns is turning towards "anarchy" in its pejorative sense, with mindless violence becoming a norm rather than an exception. Would a sense of oth pride and involvement help to foster the attitudes, the attraction and the employment of places-that-aren't-huge?

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