Monday, November 24, 2003

I'm feeling proactively experimental this week, and have started playing about with the BBC's beta iCan site. I've created a campaign based on the idea of getting Simple Information for Being On-Line out to new users of computers and the Internet. The idea is that there are a lot of simple steps that people could take, without necessarily being geeks, to protect themselves/their data on-line (against viruses, data leak, etc), but that aren't being taken for whatever reason.

The idea of the campiagn is to encourage people to take an active interest in the getting the information from person to person - i.e. there needs to be a social aspect to this, rather than just newsgroups/websites/etc. A "culture of education", rather than simply a regime that expects the newbie to find stuff out for themself.

Anyway, I intend to add some documents and links over the next few weeks, and see if anyone picks it up... It's half an idea to play around with, and half a playing about with of iCan.

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