Tuesday, November 25, 2003

More militaristic, suspicion-fueled, top-down, technology-driven, objectivity-inducing feature-creep in our "educational" system, although I guess "corrective" might be a better term:

'Airport' machines test pupils for drugs

Some choice quotes...

"...the actions were not aimed at making arrests, but to "offer support" to pupils before they became addicted."

Obviously far better than bringing the issue out into the open and taking a reasoned, calm and responsible approach to the matter. Obviously bringing in machines to scan everything is the only way to do it.

"'If you go to school, why shouldn't you be expecting to be searched for drugs?'"

And if it's happening in schools, why not in workplaces? Public spaces? Toll points? Shouldn't the quot be more along the lines of "If you go to school, shouldn't you be expecting to be taught about these things, rather than being eyed with constant suspicion?"

"The use of the machines is part of an ongoing anti-drugs project called Operation Caddy, which has also used sniffer dogs to search school premises."

Why stop here? Why not advise parents to procure a "family sniffer dog", to search their children's bedrooms, just in case?

This education system is shot. Or needs to be shot. A "futuristic" approach that fails to face up to issues with any serious credibility, happy to place trust in curative measures and statistical reports, coupled with a "liberal" (read "liberated" or "paranoid") societal culture afraid to teach their children what's right and what's wrong (or even just what's sensible would do), that blames the people it's supposed to be actively encouraging. Take some damned responsibility upon yourself, once in a while.


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