Thursday, November 13, 2003

Woo! Lots to Blog, blogger was down, catching up... I think I'm addicted to publishing. Or ranting. Arse. Oh well...

US disbelieves Iran report, so better read up on Iran before going to war, or the anti-war demonstrations. Always interesting to note who's for and against which side in the whole Palestine-Israel slanging match... Not really sure yet just how "opressed" the Iranians are - they seem to be realtively free, although still religionised, so be interesting to see how the US manages to make its case whilst lacking the "intolerable dictatorship" it's used to. Cruelty is one thing, religion is another. I suspect they'll go down the anti-terrorist route though.

Glad also to see that it's so easy to get my words on to the BBC site - allude to a point (whether you believe it or not, be forceful about something or other, and never add smileys. p.s. The views therein are not representative of mine, or anyone else's on that page.

Guardian reporting that power cuts are to blame for moving 50% of National Rail Enquiries jobs to India. "Brian Donohoe, the Labour MP for Cunninghame South, suggested to Mr Scoggins that workers in India could expect to earn around £2,800 a year, compared with £12,000 at call centres in his constituency."

This, the rise in off-shoring/automation, combined with a special article from a Guardian pull-out yesterday (that I can't find on-line) regarding how the UK's huge amount of debt is dangerous, plus the warning from the Bank of England Governor, oh, and not forgetting the increasing amount of nanny statism we seem to be seeing in the run up to the next election, all has made be somewhat.. not depressed, but scowled at the way things are going. In general. Still, perhaps we'll reach a point where people will be forced to think about how they live, rather than just depending on the government to spoonfeed them, and then whinging when it goes tits-up.

It also seems at the moment (with the appointment of Michael Howard) that politics is far more about reputation, image and polemic side-taking/opponent-bashing than about how best to actually run a country.

Politics for politics sake?

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