Tuesday, December 09, 2003

An amnesty for internet paedophiles?: "Whatever the figure, the scale of the problem is much bigger than even the most pessimistic commentators would have predicted a few years ago.

'If every person who had a sexual interest in children was identified,' says Tink Palmer, 'I think you would be amazed.'

Now, far be it for me to start going all pro-paedophile, et al, but surely this is a pointer that a certain amount of the issue is more some kind of "human nature", rather than sheer illegality. We forget that sex-age laws are indeed our own, and that attitudes towards younger sex and small boys has varied vastly over all cultures that has gone before us. Nowadays, I feel kind of paranoid about even posting about this, due to the way small opinions on the matter can get blown out of all proportion, which I think is a decent indicator of the clash between "our" morals, as a society, and the morals of, well, everyone else...

Unfortunately, I also believe that our attitude towards the subject (and many others) verges on senseless hysteria, having a more detrimental, accusatory act on everyone, rather than a reasoned, calm approach to the matter. Are we too blinded by our own lifetimes and the values imposed upon us through fear of exile, to see beyond our veil, to something that we need to see?

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