Friday, December 12, 2003

A good reminder that tracking technology is all too readily implemented whilst security is left relatively abandoned.

I think I'm slowly becoming more of a cypherpunk, although I stil need to work out just how the whole libertarian thing fits in with the world.

I'm pondering on the best way to sort out my brain. Other people seem to like using Wikis as braindump/store, and I can see why. But I'm going to look for something a little more functional, that fits into a model of ideas - I'm not sure I just want a site that I can muse upon, and that I have to go to in order to enter a new thought, or link between topics. A wiki at the heart of it sounds good, and I've thought about extending exmosis to have a more of a Sowjet way of working (which seems to be defunct now, shame), i.e. pages consisting of components that you can edit byb double-clicking.

On top of this site though, I'd like a way to submit thoughts and ideas that "pop-up" (fnarr) as I'm browsing other sites, or whatever I'm up to (usually walking to work or something banal), so that means integrating in a mechanism that would allow me to "queue ideas" via e-mail/browser link (a la's Blog This! link)/SMS message even perhaps.

The reasoning behind this is that when the idea comes to me, it's for a good reason, and at that moment in time, I'm in the best position to link it in to everything else and develop just what it means. However, I think so long as I've had that thought, a quick reminder later (via the queuing system) would probably be ok. So I just need to make a note of it.

Once notions start to get linked up, then the network of ideas forms, and I can run some automated scripts on it to work out the true name of God... Yay!

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