Monday, December 08, 2003

OK, I'll admity I almost got caught out by this one: Phone scam warning exposed as hoax

Technology, however you view it (e.g. as immoral, immature, fantastic, unnecessary, etc), has clearly reached a stage where the majority of what is possible is way more than the majority's understanding of it, i.e. reality is on a par with fiction, in the minds of the masses. As a society, we are now reliant upon an infrastructure that we do not understand. Some would say this isn't new - we've never understood our own bodies fully, for instance. But then, there are those who do comprehend technology, and can exploit the knowledge deficit, whereas such things are much less likely when it comes to biological matters...

So should we expect scams such as this one to crop up more and more, as the line between what we can actually do, and what we think we might be able to do gets blurrier and blurrier? How can we benefit from the abilities offered by science, whilst keeping ourselves from falling apart at the seams via the flipside of that which we come to depend upon?

I'm becoming gradually more interested in the difference between needs and wants. Perhaps a philosophical approach to the use of science should concentrate on dividing our skills into this simple taxonomy - concentrate on what is beneficial to our essentials, and discard (or ignore) all else that is extraneous.

By following such a line, by focusing on the bare necessities, perhaps we can maximise upon what makes us who we are, whilst keeping that which corrupts and disrupts us to a minimum.

Hmm. Monday morning.

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