Tuesday, December 02, 2003

>> Outsourcing

The evolution of capitalism given the nod by Tony Blair...

India Jobs Shift Is Way of the World, Says Blair: "that is the way the world is today."

Said he at a press conference (which I shall try to look up, they should have a transcript somewhere...): "It is maybe not what people always want to hear but it is the truth. We have not tried to pretend to people we can stop what is happening in the global economy."

So he admits it, he doesn't seem worried about (despite the fact that manufacturing jobs are down, and the service industry is the next to go, and the number of jobs available for people to pay back, for instance, University top-up fees is starting to become unhinged).. does the government actually know anything? I figure it's either stupid or malicious, but I'm not sure which yet. Either way, if jobs are going, expect some frustrated workers going postal (or, indeed "call centre") over the festive period. Fortunately, they're only cracking down on organised terrorism, not crazy nuts with knives and baseball bats. Phew.

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