Thursday, December 04, 2003

Ringing tunes come to UK mobiles: "Simon Buckingham has predicted that this kind of service will be "very very popular" because it is another important way for people to make their mobiles different."

Why are people so obsessed with a "quest for differentiation", especially when the materia that their lives consist of is, on the whole, so mass-produced and un-unique? Perhaps I've answered my own question in the same sentence, but as a population, or a culture, we seem to struggle for new ways out of the ethos that we're continually reinventing to be worse than before, a phoenician declination of who each of us is.

In short, we have been taught to identify ourselves according to what we buy and how we look, but we buy that which we know to be churned out of factories en masse. Capitalism has become identity, when it was drafted as a mechanism.

Why are mobile ringtones so popular? Why do we want others to look at what we have bought and think that we're superior? Where is the sense in factory-cultivated individualism?

Wake up, people. Wake up people.

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