Friday, January 09, 2004

Buesiness as usual:

UK trade deficit widens again: "Even taking into account services, the overall trade balance fell to a record £10.2bn deficit in the three months to November"

Average debts up by one-third: "The average British person now owes £4,426 through credit cards, overdrafts and hire purchase agreements." - but should level off.

So, consumption's going to be down, exports are way down, the US dollar is down ... one could say it's not looking good.

Anyway, I tire of all this financial stuff. Watching the sheeple spend their way into financial oblivion is fun for a while, but not really my cup of tea, and it makes me so depressed. Time to concentrate on the finer things in life. Ignore the rest of the world, and all that. No point in being dragged down by the chaff, or something.

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