Tuesday, January 20, 2004

>> Film review

Saw Lost in Translation last night at the local picture house. It's been sold out every night for the last week, so we went along early to get a good seat, and just as well - no exception to the rule last night, and a rustling full house settled into the darkness.

I wasn't really sure what to expect - people had told me it was a good film, but that was about all - which is generally the way I like it when it comes to going into a film. No pretenses. As the film went on (being careful about spoilers...) I waxed and waned between almost-seeing it as a nicely-performed cliche, and loving it, and when the end credits came up, I decided that on the whole, it was the latter, and I couldn't really fault it.

Without delving into the story, I found that the subject was played so delicately and subtly, the progression of emotions spliced with surreal and delightful shots of Tokyo and Japanese culture, without which the film wouldn't have been nearly as half as good. Things that a lesser film would have stated blatantly, or that would have been shown in intricate detail and close-up, were carefully avoided with a casual disregard that brought the real subjects, the involved characters, to the forefront in an almost easy-listening style.

This, all set against a great soundtrack - underplayed mellowings delving into dance at times - made up for a grand film that I'd recommend to anyone with an ounce of romantic spirit in them.

Big Fish next, just because it's Burton...

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