Thursday, January 15, 2004

GameCube fights to stay in the game

Personally, I see this is a depressing victory of image over fun, although I suspect I'm biased as always ;) The Gamecube, just as with the Dreamcube, has (IMHO, natch) games that are more fun to play, harking back to the old Amiga/Atari days where games encouraged people to get together and have a laugh.

The playstation changed the gamer audience to those that would spend their money on similar "style consumerables" - shoes, clothes, records, etc., making gaming a drive for popularity rather than, well, gaming. And as markets tend to be a proportional, relative thing when it comes to success, so the power of Nintendo has faltered against those that know how to market themselves based on image.

It would be interesting to see research into how people see the role of games within a lifestyle. Gathering together 3 or 4 people is not as easy as having a quick bash at a game by yourself, and certainly we used to organise days of gaming. But it seems that the social side to games as it slides into an industry of hype and glitter is suffering immensely.

Poo to everyone.

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