Monday, January 05, 2004

Ministers defend plane disruption; we've definitely arrived at a point where we can just use fear of terrorism as an excuse for police powers, never mind either the validity of that excuse, or the causes of the causes of the disruption.

It's rapidly spirall(ed|ing) into a bureaucratic mess in which the solution has become one and the same as the problem. The fear we now have of those who maybe have a point (they might not, but we're not listening either way) leads to greater "defence", which leads to similarly greater offence. Unfortunately, the whole problem started because of an over-reaching offensive attitude to the world, so I don't think it's going to go away particularly quickly.

On the plus side, the more planes kept on the ground, the better, says I. What we need now is a homeland^W airstrip one "offensive" to keep people away from their cars - ID checks at toll points should be a good start, but doesn't hold enough fear factor. Maybe a few petrol station insurgencies would do the trick. The problem is that car travel is just so decentralised...

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