Thursday, January 08, 2004

White House 'distorted' Iraq threat: "The report says the White House approach to the war was based on what it called 'worse case reasoning', assuming that what intelligence agencies did not know was worse than what they did know. 'Worst-case planning is valid . . . [But] acting on worst-case assumptions is an entirely different matter.'"

Indeed, by their logic, I'm allowed to go and kill anyone I think might attack me, and replace them with someone a lot more friendly. I've always thought that pre-emptive punches on those supporting an unverified war were just.

Meanwhile... IMF say American economy shit, more on the UK Civic Contingencies bill, the FBI gets more super-draconian-SS powers, and we all suck, still. When will we understand just how much energy we're using, and just what it's doing? People think toasters work by magic.

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