Monday, July 26, 2004

Moblogging = Fad

Look, dammit, cameraphones are dumb, and here's the data.

OK, that's harsh. But I still can't think of any reason why the ability to take pictures and post them straight to the web will be anything more than a niche media thing. Or a porn RSS feed. Oh, and there was that rather cool camera phone as remote control thing at NotCon, too.

The Unmediated blog, however, looks rather exciting ("Tracking the tools that decentralize the media."). I may add it to my list.

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Charlie Williams said...

Not quite a comment on publishing to the web, but I did come across a nice use for camera phones today.

Apparently they have been issued to those people who check insurance claims. That way they can give the customer an instant acceptence of whether the claim is covered, by sending a photo of the damage back to HQ, rather than the old system of turning up, writing everything down, going back to HQ and then phoning the customer to say, yes we will cover you for the fact that water is pouring through your roof.