Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The 60s: Cause or Effect?

Frank Furedi explores the relationship between Western establishment and the liberalness of the 60s, with good conclusion: "The authoritarian imagination confuses permissiveness with the prevailing climate of non-judgementalism. Permissiveness is a precondition for a truly tolerant society, but tolerance should not mean a reluctance to make moral judgments or to take strong stands against forms of behaviour deemed wrong."

He particularly highlights the difference between the claim that the government makes - that the 60s' cultural landscape and permissiveness caused much of today's problems - and the social environment that led to much of the 60s' cultural shift, and that has also led to the problems of today.

I think this is a very important difference to draw, as it shows the government seeking to justify their own ideologies, and to cast aspersions on apparent historical goofs, when in reality we should be questioning just how the government came to its conclusions, and whether they're indeed justified.

Ho hum, even more reason to keep a close eye on those we elect. Are we having fun yet?

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