Tuesday, August 03, 2004

A threat to democracy

I'd usually skip over George Monbiot's stuff, but will link to his op-ed in today's Guardian merely because I was thinking along the same lines not 10 minutes ago. He doesn't state much new in it, but as time goes on, the sentiments expressed in it do bear closer and closer scrutiny.

My thoughts today are something like the following. Again, nothing new, but re-asserting statements is a good way, IMHO, to nudge the brain into (subconsciously) thinking about a way forward.

  • Voting accomplishes very little these days, in comparison to what it could achieve. How can we re-unite the electorate with the voting process, to make it more relevant?

  • How can we integrate the quantitative voting process with a qualitative assessment of the issues within a particular matter?

  • Is the best to progress to go through the established systems, or work around them using new methods, with the idea being they'll eventually find their way into the establishment?

More thought is needed... perhaps some medi(t|c)ation on the matter...

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