Monday, August 09, 2004

The Value of Blogs

The revolution will not be blogged

Bill Thompson looks at the results from the Hansard Society's "MPs and Blogging" report, which he attended.

Haven't read the report yet - will print it out and look over it later. Bill's article seems to put a downer on blogs, saying that they're generally not going to achieve anything, but the report summary seems to suggest that there is potential, in terms of communication, for them. And politicians.

My initial thought is that perhaps political blogs are merely a fuel, rather than an outcome. By allowing people to publish, they get people thinking about what they're writing, and encourage people to become more involved in something they wouldn't normally have got as involved in. This is re-inforced by the peered, reputational nature of the "blogosphere" (ick, that's a horrid word. How about, um... blog + net = "blognette", pronounced "blon-yet"?) that can amplify the dissemination of enthusiasm from blog to blog.

What we need is a study that looks at the amount that certain people read and write blogs, and the amount to which they get actively involved in more "traditional" political adventures.

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