Thursday, August 26, 2004

World == crazy

Hmm, I'm in an amused mood today. Amused by human beings in general, I think. Some BBC stories to laugh at...

"Burn 'im! Burn 'im!" I say. The funniest thing about the Blair impeachment campaign is the surrounding quotes. Keith Vaz says "This is a silly story for the end of the silly season." - surely he means a silly story for a silly state of affairs? Meanwhile Donald Anderson calls it a ""no-hoper in legal terms", which amuses me as that's what I'd usually claim for most of the Home Office's stunts. Ah well, pudding and pie.

Also, maybe cleaning products cause asthma, not dust. I suspect the BBC are pimping for a headline-grabbing story, and the cleaning products mentioned probably take up a small part of a giant list in the original research, but hey. It doth amuseth me.

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