Tuesday, November 02, 2004

3G Sucks

...well, at least streaming video does. Why? Because no-one wants portable video rant rant etc etc. Finally, some market research, rather than just market searching.


Update: BBC coverage says:

"[Jupiter analyst] Mr Fogg said portable video players were likely to remain a niche product that would not be able to compete with devices dedicated to music playback."

Sometimes I hope the 3G companies fail, just because they're missing the point of perhaps one of the most revolutionary communication updates ever. I repeat. 3G is not crap. Forcing streaming video over 3G because you can't figure out a better payment system is crap.

Give people access to the 3G nets, and the ability to produce their own services, and it'll go far. That, and input/output convergence - use the device as a channel, rather than an endpoint. Let me stream stuff from one point, through the device, and out onto a nearby presentation device, such as a stero/PC/TV.

The desire to choke content in order to squeeze blood money out is going to kill the communications/content business.

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