Monday, January 31, 2005

Free Brazil!

Activists Urge Free Open Source Software

"two big screens betrayed the fact that the computer was running on Windows, with the operating system's toolbar visible at the bottom of the screens.

Lessig noticed and the computer was quickly disconnected and replaced with a laptop running on open-source software.

Hope Phil's having fun.

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phil jones said...

I didn't get up in time for Lessig (I know, I know!) But I was in that hall the day before, and they didn't just have a copy of Word on Windows, but both screens were showing the fucking dancing paper-clip!!!!


Full report soon.

Most famous person sighted : John Perry Barlow up a step-ladder with a lap-top (apparently blogging) at the Digital Revolution session the day before. Which featured several Brazilian and South American hackers generally talking the good talk ... but nothing very surprising.

I also sat outside an incredibly packed hall listening to a live english language translation of Hardt and Negri on a portable radio, without getting to see (or really hear) either of them.

Other than that, no other big names. Apparently no Stallman this year :-( Couldn't find Gen Vaughan, and the best talk was by a woman from Cost Rican trade-union.