Monday, May 09, 2005

Quote of the day...

...from ePolitixPlus' Bullet e-mail newsletter:

''Public confidence in the security of voting has been hit by recent scares over postal ballots, the chairman of the Electoral Commission has acknowledged. Sam Younger said ... "I guess it is inevitable when you bring in a new system in a voting system that hadn't really changed for many, many years, that you are bound to get problems with it."''

This is true, but only if by that you mean that the system was designed by a naive, "market"-driven (i.e. "quick! get people to vote!") bunch of people with not enough research time who were too used to a centuries-old (yet somewhat reliable) voting mechanism. Merely popping things in the post and waiting for them to come back was the mark of true lunacy, not a well thought out anti-fraus system. Bodes well for other great technologies of our time, eh?

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