Thursday, May 26, 2005

Teen births vs the government vs the Media

More new-age, 19th century thinking from our illustrious leaders...

Parents 'must tackle teen births': "Beverley Hughes said parents needed to put aside any embarrassment and start talking to their children about sex."

Yes, parents are important. But why are we constantly restricting the political discussion to such over-simplistic discussion? For instance, I hard it find to believe that teenagers are having sex because they want babies. Why aren't we dragging popular culture, and the objectification of women to a higher, more insidious degree than ever into this? It's almost like we're afraid of intelligent discourse about anything.

Also, why do both the BBC and the Guardian article they mention not note that the pregnancy rate for 15-17 year olds is falling - by 1.2% in 2002-03, and by 11.2% since the start of the government's campaign to halve teenage pregnancies in 2000. There is progress, but unless you read more than half of a news article, you would have no idea. Certainly it confirms my "fear" that even the "respectable" media are tending towards tabloid quality hooting, although I suspect the BBC are just in it for the PR, as they seem to be a lot these days...

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