Friday, May 13, 2005

WTF is going on in Uzbekistan?

Violence erupts in eastern Uzbekistan. The BBC also has an article with some more background, but it's still extremely difficult to figure out what's actually going on. What seems to be clear, according to the FT piece, is that this is another backlash against the "repression" of "extremist Islam". Of course, when the terms are coming in from three or four sepaarte parties, it's hard to know what means what.

As far as I can gather from a quick read, Uzbekistan is independent, but is tied with the US (which "has a military air base in Uzbekistan and has hailed Uzbekistan as an ally in its war on terror"), and is under fire from Human Rights groups for things such as torture. The repressed have had enough, and awnt the Russians to come in and "help out" as it were. I like the way they also call for "justice" and "freedom".

As always, it's interesting to see how the US Media spins it. Fox News has more info, mentioning that "Radical Islam was a bugaboo for the Soviet Union long before its collapse and was partly behind Moscow's decision to invade Afghanistan in the last days of 1979." Bugaboo?

So are the US administration claiming their allies as those countries cracking down against human rights abuse - nations that triumph a new era of "freedom"? Or do they just congratulate the ones that allow them to set up military bases as they want, and let them take the things they want? Remember history whenever Bush talks of "freedom", "democracy" and "righteousness".

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