Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Quick Update

Things have been a bit quiet round here (and on Into the Machine) recently. In proper "OMG l00k wot i did 2day!!1" style, here's what I been up to this week...

  • Got 2 essays to write for Uni. One's on the differences in profiling (i.e. providing a profile about yourself, vs having a profile constructed "about" you a la supermarket loyalty cards), the other's on scientific risk vs progress... Both proving to be pretty interesting.

  • Found a new obsession with Lomography, and old cameras. See Flickr widget on right hand side for some results.

  • Afore-mentioned intrique with old cameras has led to far too much time spent on ebay. However, a useful perl script has started to emerge from it, to build up a profile of people's bidding habits...

  • Afore-mentioned fascination with Flickr has led to a small Perl script to chirp images from any number of Flickr RSS feeds, for use with xscreensaver.

  • My girlfriend has roller boots :)

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