Saturday, April 08, 2006

Straw, eggs and Rice

This BBC article made me laugh, not just because I can imagine similar, uh, "protest" tactics being used next time someone like Condoleeza Rice visits the UK (is egg-throwing to be considered an "exercise in democracy"?*), but for this quote:

"But US officials say Mr Chavez is causing instability in the region with his fiery anti-Bush rhetoric and autocratic style of leadership."

Replace "Chavez" with "the Bush administration", and "anti-Bush" with "anti-Islam/Iran/enemy of the day" and it still makes complete sense! "Politics is blind", to try to coin a phrase.

* Quote from this article which is worth checking out to see just how much of a twat Jack Straw is. While Rice manages to handle the protests with quite some civility, Straw just sneers and claims he could organise more people. He doesn't really get it, does he. Maybe it should be "politicians are stoopid", rather than "politics is blind"...

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