Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Logics of 'Off'

Following from Joel and Moishe, Arno sheds some light on why I love the Mac so much.


Anonymous said...

Hey - why do I keep finding you in strange spaces between the sink and the fridge?

Was looking at Brighton Blogger, when I saw a strangely familiar pseudonym lurking from the sidelines. Thought it was you!

More fire from the wood-loving Dave - you and Julie going?

A x

barnoid said...

Wow, you Maccers are really making a big deal over not a lot. I'm sure most people when presented with several ways to do something will pick one that works the first time and then do that every subsequent time. At least it looks like Microsoft has fixed the "Start menu > Shutdown" anti-logic, if only by not calling it the "Start menu" anymore. But then the Mac interface has always been thoroughly logical, put the CD in the bin to eject it anyone?

Regarding hibernate: I'll suspend my laptop if I don't need it for a short time and hibernate it for a longer period of non-use. It would be quite annoying not to have the option, so if I didn't want to use it for several days but didn't want to turn it off all I could do is suspend and then come back to find it hibernated but with a dead battery. Also, I can hibernate while on mains then resume with a full battery without wasting some power in the meantime.

Scribe said...

Amy: I'm looking for my marbles. Glad you found the place :) Not sure about fire yet, there's possibly something Cinecity on that looks promising ('Mix Tapes' at the ringe basement?) - decisions, decisions... :)

Barnoid: Ah, but that's the beauty - attention to detail, care over the little things, which add up to one big thing. The magnetic power-cable catch, the clip-rather-than-velcro on winding the power cable up, the touchpad two-finger "right"-click (I suspect this is even more appreciated by left-handers).

The attention is symbolic of the thought that's gone into it. While nothing's perfect, it's the comebination of simplicity, functionality and aesthetics that makes it feel 'fresh'. Different. (Plus the hidden # character is far more heinous, imho, than ejection mechanisms. Especially as I have an eject button on the keyboard ;)

I'm not sure I get the stuff re hibernation there - chances are if you come back after a few days, the battery will be mostly gone anyway? Plus I can't think of (m)any times that I'd get back to my laptop after a few days away, and not have the power cable sitting around.

Of course, in the end it's what works for you. Personally, I can't remember the last time I used anything other than closing/opening the lid, except for the odd restart.

barnoid said...

chances are if you come back after a few days, the battery will be mostly gone anyway?

Not if it's hibernated in the first place. I'm thinking, hibernate at home, get on train to somewhere with uncertain power (conference or something), resume with a full battery, last longer.

Hidden #? Not something I'm aware of. Something to do with American/British keyboard hybrids? Is the #~ key missing? Where's the £? Annoying for programming I imagine.