Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More on Multi-touch screens

Over on YouTube, Jeff Han gives a talk at TED back in February last year. (Link via Nooface.) The functionality is mostly what was in the previous video, but it's nice to hear someone talking about it too.

I think this is brilliant, and I expect to see people like Apple taking it pretty seriously, especially as Jeff's philosophy seems to line up. The only thing that sticks out is the use of virtual keyboard; this is a criticism I've seen of the Apple iPhone - there's no tactile feedback for virtual keyboards. As I write this, I don't have to look at the keys to know if I've hit one correctly, or even if I'm hitting the right stuff. Good typists type without looking, and that's only possible through "real world" design.

But then, it's not exactly difficult to combine multi-touch with keys. Hell, this laptop has a simple multi-touch thing just under my wrists...

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