Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Apollo 404

Playing with the Apollo alpha. Could be interesting, depending on who does what with it, I guess. XUL apps were supposed to be big-ish, but never really took off, so maybe this is it instead. Having said that, I'm not sure how much of an incentive just being able to access the hard drive is just to choose Apollo over plain ol' HTML + CSS. Obvious problems, or limits, with this model:

1. Ability to update clients.
2. I hate having separate apps for separate sites - widgets suffer particularly from this, I find. Why install/upgrade/check widgets when I can use the web/RSS?
3. Security, perhaps - many people may like the "black box" approach that web servers afford?

Actually, I guess I'm making the wrong comparison here. The race isn't between Apollo and web pages, duh. It's between Apollo and "native" apps. Still, the line is blurry. The video on the link above shows an ebay app in development, which means Apollo is basically providing a fancy front-end to ebay. Maybe that's useful for some hardcore ebayers, but all I need to do is search for items, add them to my wishlist, check my wishlist, and maybe bid on stuff. All of which I don't have any problems with right now.

Maybe the real competition is between Apollo and Java apps...

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