Sunday, May 13, 2007

Streets of Brighton: Mummified

Inebriaed chaos, entropic surrealism. That was generally how I thought of the Streets of Brighton during the Festival in May. Last year's Brownian wandering yielded a fetish spherewalk, primaeval
and businessmen who had just worked too much overtime, amongst everything else.

But the photo on the right is more of an indication of this year's festivities. Maybe we just didn't wander around enough, or maybe the grey weather got to me like a wimpering clown, but the "downsizing" effect certainly made a difference. Most things we saw were "installations" timed to go off at regular intervals. There was a timetable, which advised you to plan what you were going to see. There were tall people ("aha, so this whole post is a height insecurity rant.") standing behind the children, which left mea bit out of it. The random encounters ("you have been eaten by a camped-up grue") were lacking. (Although I did finally get to meet the very un-Mr-Ed-like NIN-style horse-machine. "Jack" says it was funny. Believe him not, it was freakin' terrifying.)

The whole thing seemed a lot more "moderated", and definitely geared towards kids, like several circuses (circii?) had been brought together for a weekend, only without the candy floss. So I guess it works if you're a kid. But it left me feeling a bit, I dunno... normal, perhaps. Like I was wandering around a museum, rather than pounced upon by bolts of "wtf?"

Still, I got about 4 decent photos. Will stick them up soon. Just be interesting to see what they do with it next year. (Start charging?)

[Edit: Forgot to plug the Brighton Festival Flickr pool while I was on the subject... :) ]

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JamesB said...

I can't get into the festival/fringe this year. The sponsorship is way too intrusive for a start, and I'm not really sure what it's for. It's not about the local arts, that seems fairly likely.

And isn't the streets of Brighton crying out for everyone to turn up in fancy dress? Wouldn't it be fun if you weren't sure who was performing and who was the audience?