Monday, October 08, 2007

Photography: Indulge your Lo-Fi Side

Couple of photography snips...
  1. I decided to do a small bit of writing, and put up an article on using custom tone curves with a Nikon Digital SLR: Put some Punk back in your DSLR. It was most fun spending a few hours wandering around Brighton beach with some ramped-up colour scheme.


  2. News comes via squarefrog that October 20th is World Toy Camera Day. As some probably know, I'm an avid Holga user, an often choose it as my party-accompaniment instead of a bulky SLR. It takes photos for me. So a day to celebrate the glory of all things toy photo sounds like a good idea to do.. something. If you want to know more about such things, head over to, and check out the WTCD flickr group.

    Waiting for a Pick-up

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