Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Image Meme: Common Courtesy Rant

Kind of amused but also annoyed by the Random CD Cover doing the Flickr rounds. The idea is great, the results are oft impressive, but there's also a general lack of attribution to the original image.

In this thread there's an appeal to use CC-License photos only, although there's also the point made there that, as this is a "game", copyright isn't "a real concern".

There are, of course, 2 issues there. First, permission to use a photo, and second, courtesy of using a photo.

Now, the former I have no idea about. It's a legal thing. But the latter stands, even if you're choosing a Creative Commons photo. It's just a "nice" thing, y'know, to point to the original artefact. Credit where credit's due, n all that. Some people get this, and attribution is appropriately attributed. Others just seem to eager to jump on th' memetic bandwagon and seem to see interestingness as a Public Good. (Which is an interesting idea/theme in its own right.)

Meh, I'm obviously getting too old and rickety for this Intenet malarkey. Time to go and water the Chevy.

(Oh, and people with group-psychology-economy interests might enjoy the new post at Into The Machine.)

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