Sunday, February 17, 2008

The "Great" Literature Purge, '08

Of the three aspirations made at the start of the year, the second - clearing out some books - is probably the easiest.

I had visions of a Fahrenheit 451 style purge, but realised we have working fire alarms, so probably wouldn't get too far. (It might have helped with aspiration #3, too.) Similarly, "Richard and Judy's Book Denouncement Club" would probably take too long to a) form, and b) get round to the books I want to get rid of. So, being a geek, I decided the next best thing would be to write a site that combined Freecycle with eBay. A kind of alternate-economy-donation-auctioneering place where all those with a love of eclectic paperyness could, you know, hang out and stuff. I had a sitemap and everything.

Then I found chanceXchange, and kind of decided it was silly to reinvent the wheel. So I'm using that now.

It feels like it's in "beta" a little - navigation could be improved a bit, and there's not much "churn" on there - but the basics work. You sign up, choose your country, then list your stuff you don't want. When someone claims it, you send it off to them, and in exchange for postage costs, you get a credit when it arrives. Then you can use your credits to claim stuff off other people.

You can see my current list of things I'm giving away, or check out my profile here. There's a handy faq, too. Of course, you can always ask me to bring stuff to the pub, or sidestep the site but, uh, I liked the idea of spreading the Xchange word.

Of course, that doesn't do much to stop me buying more books. So far this year, I think I'm about even: one in, one out. 2 quid for coats. Got ID?

On to the fire-making.

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