Saturday, June 28, 2008


Scene: Sun rise over Polaris World. Andy Burnham is practising his tai chi alongside Fatboy Slim in a lush, green expanse of overly-cultivated field. Somewhere in the hidden distance, an Islamic call to prayer serves as the alarm clock of the masses.

Fatboy Slim: I made all my money from th' 303. Are you interested?

Andy Burnham: Does it come with go-faster bytes? Is it in standard XML? Does Bjorn Borg have one? I only need one if Bjorn Borg has one.

Fatboy Slim: Bjorn Borg has three.

Andy Burnham: 909? That's a lot.

A flock of Daffy Ducks take to the air from a nearby tree, the sound of their wings ocsillating back and forth with laughter and caution.

Andy Burnham: If I screw my eyes up real tight, no-one can tell it's not a 404.

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