Saturday, October 25, 2008

Music to Rise to

Wasn't expecting much from the Official UK Top 40 on telly this morning, but the video for 'Handlebars' by (The) Flobots really grabbed my attention. No embedding for it (nor for the Youtube version, so follow the link and check it out. Watching it the second time, I got a lot more out of it in fact (mostly as I had no idea who this lot were, and assumed they were as vacuous as the rest of the top 40).

The Flobots battle against the trend for banal pap that litters the charts (update: they even have a manifesto). Their video for "Rise" (also worth checking out) links to and, both entrances into community-led, non-violent activism that we probably need more of.

Here's their official site, UK site, and Wikipedia page.

Also, I thought I'd blogged it before, but can't find it now, but the recent video of Rage Against the Machine going acoustic after being stopped from playing outside the Republic National Convention back in September. 10 minutes, but a great watch. Embedded below.

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