Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ZOOG - facing the right way

What, 2009? Already? Crap. I haven't managed to post half the blogposts I'd like to, or eaten half the things I was hoping to. Probably just as well, otherwise I'd quickly run out of things to do.


Looking back to the last egospective abut a year ago, it's interesting to see what's changed and what hasn't. The year's gone quickly. I got a job that I'm still in. I got engaged. I have some cool new t-shirts. I discovered Dinosaur Comics. All in all, 2008 was a plus, I'd say.

On the resolutions front.. hmm, let's see now. I made 3 (same link as above, how quaint), so here's a brief rundown of how successful they were:

1) Spend more time on blog posts Hmm, well that didn't work. I achieved part of the goal - cut back on the drivel and the shorts, but failed to find the time to fill the gap with substantial happiness. I blame work, but in a good way.

2) Get rid of books: Again, partially successful - I don't think I bought as many books as I have in previous years. And I have a small stack of books lying around which I now just need to, you know, get rid of. (Hey, if you're interested in a book, let me know and I'll tell you what I have/send you a random one. Maybe.)

3) Make fire: While the original idea was to make fire from scratch, I'm going to count this as half a win (oh! how predictable!) seeing as we actually got our fireplace up and running and I've been learning how to SET FIRE TO CRAP. On a scale of Fun to Ten (heh, you like that?), it gets my vote.

So all in all, I score myself 1.5 out of 3, or 50%. Considering that's the chance of winning a coin toss, I figure I'm doing OK.

The moral of the story is not to make resolutions. You always think you have the rest of the year to do them.


2009 is looking very promising so far, and very exciting. Everyone I know (including me) is getting hitched, which leaves precious little time to actually get anything done though. So far, here's what's struck me as possible:

1) Government is finally getting its head around the web, partly by force and partly through some kind of understanding seeping finally into the bones of British society and culture. I will, however, be forcing myself (again) to avoid the use of any term that ends in "2.0", on the grounds that it's generally v2.1 that actually works as you want it too. Hopefully this means I'll get to post more to Sphereless the blog though.

2) Being the proud owner of both one of these and one of these, I'm thinking some music making is in the pipeline. Already I have discovered Eluvium the band, which leads me neatly into...

3) ...simplicity. I seem to have entered 2009 with a lust for a quieter approach to life. I have been reading Presentation Zen the book but also perhaps getting to a point in life where ideas such as taoism start to really piece together. Soon I will be 30 which if you tip it on its side is also the symbol for Taurus which is also my starsign, so I figure the energy must be strong on this side of the moon. Nevertheless, I may actually post some thoughts on tao and tai chi shortly, for they are currently actually the most fascinating thing around in a non-fascinating kind of way.

These are already three hugely exciting areas: Politics, Sounds, and the Soul. Currently they are fragmented, but perhaps, just maybe, I can bring them together, along with everything else I haven't mentioned like photography and food and jigsaws.

So all in all, I am looking forward, not backward, to 2009. May yours be equally exciting and invigorating.

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