Saturday, March 07, 2009

Lovepunk Manifesto?

Met Police keep database of protesters. In stellar conjunction with recent secret corporate databases, we can only assume one thing:

The Powers that Be are Afraid

What do those questioning the status quo have to gain? A change in the status quo. A silent revolution. A world in which certain jobs are no longer needed, and so those jobs set out to protect the status quo.

Change itself becomes dangerous

Recently I've become aware there are two ways this can be dealt with.

Firstly, there is change through force - revolution, in other words. Those who want change must force it in spite of those that don't want it. But this goes against a lot of principles I'm currently learning about. So.

The second option. This is, perhaps, "evolution" instead. But it is more than that. It is collaboration. Instead of "taking" change, it assumes we must realise that we are dealing with a bunch of people with power and who are actually very nervous about what will happen to them if that power is taken away.

The first option is always an option. But I don't believe it to be a particularly... enlightening one. Why? Because what's missing is growth, progress. It simply assumes that one system can be replaced with another like replacing one battery with another. But nothing fundamentally changes - it is blunt, a dumb transition that in turn will just be replaced in a similar manner.

On the other hand, we have an opportunity here to bridge the gap between those who want change and those who don't. There is a possibility to turn change into learning, and to achieve true "progress" through this learning.

What does this mean? It means seeing those who don't want change not as enemies but as nervous friends. It means we need to take re-assurance, collaboration, and comfort as our watch words. We have to start befriending the nanny police state. We have to start showing that there is a place for those in power, and that while we can no longer run on the same rules, there is still space under the new ruleset for those with the right experience and the right attitude. We have to become parental.

Currently we are preparing ourselves for war. But it is a civil war - the "enemy" are people we brush shoulders with, that we are friends with in very nearby social circles. If we prepare for war, then sides form, and the war will only get harsher.

We need a mode of engagement that is neither protest nor "democratic" engagement, as neither of these is balanced or encourages mutual understanding. Maybe this is "lovepunk" or something. I need to think more.

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