Saturday, March 29, 2014

Every Haiku wants a Partner - Submit Yours Now

It's time to re-generate Butterflies and Sand again, that slim tome that runs off Twitter haiku and entropy. (My haiku tweets are mixed together randomly in some attempt at algorithmic surrealist self-publishing mayhem whut?) Nearly 2 years after it started, it's nice to check in once every few months and have a bit of an egotistical retrospective.

(Half-joking. The seasonal production has taken over from a previous exercise of a roll of film for each quarter. I like the idea of moving from season to season, even if the notion of "4" seasons each with its own character is pretty abstract. Cycles are inevitable and intriguing.)

This time round, I want to do something slightly different for the book, so I'm inviting other haiku poets to contribute to the randomness. As well as couple my own haiku together, I thought it'd be fun to try it with completely different authors, and the contexts they inhabit.

It's an experiment, so there are no rules. Send me a haiku for inclusion via any means - leave a comment here, send me a Twitter mention/DM, or mail me. Whatever. The only rule is the haiku has to be your own work. Generally I prefer haiku that follow the 'ethos' rather than the syllable count, but we'll see how it goes.

I'll wait a week to see how many come in, then come up with a way to hook them together randomly - probably starting in pairs. I hear this is something like how Japanese poetry contests of old used to run. But this isn't a contest. Just an exercise in randomness.

If I happen to get more than 6, I'll probably only put 6 in. Anyone getting (self-) published will get a copy of this edition. Copyright etc all remains your own. All feedback is valid. I have no idea what I'm doing.

Send me! Send me!

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