Thursday, July 17, 2014

Critique of Separation: Adventure time

Been meaning to watch Guy Debord's Critique of Separation for a while. Glad I did in the end - watch it if you're curious about the net weaved around us by culture and our media. Embedded below:

Critique of Separation (English subtitles) from 1000littlehammers on Vimeo.

Choice quotes:

"Childhood? Why, it's right here - we have never emerged from it."

"Our era accumulates powers and imagines itself as rational. But no one recognizes these powers as their own. Nowhere is there any entry to adulthood."

"The world of the rulers is the world of the spectacle. The cinema suits them well."

"It is necessary to destroy memory in art. To undermine the conventions of its communication. To demoralize its fans."

"We have invented nothing. We adapt ourselves, with a few variations, into the network of possible itineraries. We get used to it, it seems."

While on holiday, I finished reading a book on encounters with Chinese hermits. It seems very relevant here - as it goes through, it touches on the Cultural Revolution, the "red dust" of modern civilisation (something I'm trying to find more specifics on), and the bending of religious symbolicism to touristic ends - the creation of a spectacle of religion.

Hermits try to escape the "adventures" imposed on them by a society with very specific aims in mind. In the West, this gets captured and branded in itself - think of "Escape to the Country", for instance. Dropping out is a lifestyle, but lifestyles are themselves a product.

What adventures can we really say we are living out?

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