Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Future agency

Matt Webb has some interesting links on the agency of non-humans, which reminded me a lot similar questions around the “authorship” of Butterflies and Sand. But isn't there a fundamental difference between "deliberate randomness" and "automated smartness" (ie. AI)? Which does a monkey with your camera come under?

Will agency and notions of “ownership” need to translate into a more complex system of “partial causality” as we hand responsibilities over to other decision-making entities? What does that mean for the idea of “acts of God”? (If I take a lot of flights, should I pay more for insurance against extreme weather?)

Or will we see the refinement of the group as an entity in itself perhaps, a collective responsibility that somehow filters the notion of togetherness combined within such a group - a fragmented version of juridical persons that translates from company level down to a more local { hyperlocal? lower? } set of links.

What would the API look like for that? How would I interact with the rest of my group? How would that group interact with others?

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