Sunday, March 29, 2015

What I'm supporting this month

Low-level support for a basket of network causes.
  • James Smith is trying to be Horsham's MP with a (fresh?) open, honest approach to politics, including an open, deliberative manifesto and open accounting. I'm constantly caught between dismissing mainstream politics, and watching its subtle, clever car-crash approach to maintaining status quos. I love to see people trying something different.
  • Towner Gallery want to bring a tiny boat, that's traveled all round Europe, on a final voyage to Eastbourne. The art of the simple voyage - in a week where I'm tracing the outline of the sea and moving further along the coast towards Eastbourne - is important and appropriate.
  • Christina "@rvaya" Smith is looking for patrons for her artwork, more of which you can see in her portfolio. As well as being amazed at the quality and diversity of what she produces, it's great to support friends and friends-of-friends so easily. The idea that "everyone will be famous for fifteen people" is starting to get really interesting. And fun.

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